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Ergo-Ball Mattress (Thickness: 21cm)
* With specially designed Ergo-Balls located throughout the mattress, it provides massage functions allowing the user to rest and massage at the same time.
* Air-holes throughout the mattress allow smooth airflow, for cooler sleeping experience and preventing the foam core of mattress from getting mold in the humid environment.
* Easy turn easy go
Patent Physio-Ball design faciliates spherical support to allow easy turning on memory foam mattresses
* Ergonmomic Comfort
Zone-cutting design allows air-flow restriction and a massaging effect to alleviate body tension
* Posture Alignment
Physio-Balls placed in targeted locations to ensure a correct sleeping posture.
* Wrapped with our elegant TENCEL fabric, the Ergo-ball Mattress is a great choice for users of all ages.

Size 1: 90cm x 190cm
Size 2: 135cm x 190cm
Size 3: 150cm x 200cm
Size 4: 180cm x 200cm
Item no.M-145B(PIS-M007)
Further DetailsPIS-M007_PM11407-6.JPG
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